Red Frontier is a massive multiplayer online game in development for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
In Red Frontier you are one of the first humans to travel to and settle Mars. Millions of miles away from earth, you and your fellow colonists will be on your own to solve technical challenges and overcome social obstacles. Succeed and you pave the way for colonization. Fail and you are on your own.
Get early Beta access! Register on this site to be eligible to participate in any open beta. There will be a series of tests as we scale up, so early betas may include as few as 10-20 players. Later tests will scale up. We will invite players in the order they register, so the sooner you sign up, the earlier you will get access.
'Like' us on Facebook. Red Frontier is a big game with a small development team. Your support helps keep us going. Visit our Facebook page and give it the thumbs up!
Follow us on Twitter. Watch our tweets for a quick way to stay connected to the current status of the game. We occasionally set up short fuse ad hoc beta sessions to in an effort quickly reproduce reported bugs or test the ones we have resolved and will announce those here.
Expand your portfolio! We are a small team with limited resources, and we love our community. If you are a 3D artist with a passion for science fiction and you are interested in expanding your portfolio while contributing to the game in a way only a few players can please contact us!